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A lifetime of wellness is in your spine.

No two spines are alike. We treat you as an individual, and that goes for your treatment plan too.

We look at you as a whole, to assess what the ideal posture is for you-and help create it. When your spinal alignment is restored, not only are your symptoms relieved, but you'll have better stability and function. That means long-term wellness for you.

Your entire body-all your organs, muscles and nerves-connects to your spine. Any misalignment can not only create symptoms you feel, but dysfunction that impacts other parts of your body over time. Become as healthy as possible by getting your spine realigned.

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The secret to correcting spinal alignment involves changing nerve muscle memory by getting muscles to pull differently. We achieve this with a 3-step approach:


We start by doing spinal warm-up exercises, followed by an adjustment that's specific to your posture, then correctional exercises. Getting your spine into proper alignment will alleviate your symptoms by allowing your body to move as it's meant to.


After your adjustment, we work with you to retrain muscle memory with correctional exercises and massage therapy on each visit! Each time you go through this process, you're retraining your muscles to work smoothly with your skeleton for efficient and pain-free movement. We want this better posture and structure to become your norm.


To help your spine hold its correction, and for your posture to improve, we'll prescribe home exercises tailored to your body. As you progress, your visits will be tapered to periodic checkups to help you sustain your corrected spine. Our goal is a lifetime of wellness for each person, naturally!

It's Your Life... Live it in Health!


Dr. Jeffrey Suver
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